Richard Brightling

Richard was born in Royal Leamington Spa in the UK in 1945 and took an early interest in art, architecture, design and woodworking. Following his graduation from High School he went to The College for Distributive Trades in London where he studied advertising as well as taking art and sculpting courses at St.Martins College of Art in the same building at Cambridge Circus.

Following graduation and an IPA diploma in advertising, he spent a brief spell with the Ogilvy Agency in London before immigrating to Canada in 1967.Here he worked in many of Canada's leading Advertising Agencies including Hayhurst (now Saatchi and Saatchi), JWT and Vickers and Benson before starting his own Agency in 1980 and three more communications companies in the ensuing years.

He has always been an enthusiastic fine carpenter and furniture maker and decided, to add to his outside interests by taking up painting in 2007. He started by doing landscapes and took private lessons as well as several instructural courses at the AGO, the last of which focussed on abstract art. With his knowledge and understanding of the many textural surfaces that wood provides ( in contrast to a flat canvas surface) Richard decided that his personal form of art expression was best suited to the application of paint on specially prepared wooden surfaces cut from end grain stock, originating primarily from Douglas Fir, Cedar and Plywood.

Richards's abstract works involve a three part process which starts with the preparation of a special frame which serves to hold the individually cut pieces of end grain wood. These special pieces are then applied to the frames surface which is then sculpted, sanded and gouged to create both abstract patterns as well as definitive shapes. All the wood comes from scrap or discarded sources, thereby giving it a useful and creative third life. (See RB's Philosophy on his approach to the art he creates).

Thin layers of paint and sometimes stains are then applied to the surface to produce expressive impactful abstract images which harness the beauty of the woods end grain and combine to present a clearly unique form of textural abstract expressionism.

Richards works range in size and price starting at 12"by 12" with a wide variety of sizes up to 48"by 72" Most of Richard's works are not framed or signed but are sear- branded into the wooden surface using his RB signature.