I believe that my work gives Trees a third life.

I have always loved and appreciated the very essence of wood.

From a seedling to its status as a tree, standing proud in the forest, then, upon maturity is felled for a wide variety of practical purposes; building furniture, plywood and boat building, etc.

When its role in this so called functional period ends, I gain access to its form in a diminished role when it is viewed as scrap. In part, I have to thank today's disposable society since this is the time when I gain access to its discarded form and look with optimism to its future function and third life.

To me, discarded wood in its many forms is beautiful for I see a new life that is about to emerge and bring pleasure to the world as art much in the same way it did as a tree and part of nature itself.

Each and every time that I start a new work with discarded wood, I'm always reminded of its original life as a tree and as such, it brings value and personal satisfaction to my work and the art that I produce.

The paintings that I create also work to deliver a special textural pleasure which can only be delivered when presented through the end grain of the world's greatest natural substrate... wood.

Mostly White

32” x 32”